(HER) Story

Ayana “YaYa” Joseph is an experienced yoga teacher, dancer, wellness influencer, and avid women’s health advocate. She is a certified Baptiste Yoga Leader and  has had the pleasure to study with many of the best in the yoga community - including Faith Hunter, Twee Merringan, Bryan Kest and Ana Forrest. 

YaYa’s teachings inspire confidence, strengthen integrity and challenge each participant to examine their story(reality) of limitation. With new perspectives, students are encouraged practice presence, authentic power and compassion on and off the mat. 


The Company: A Woman’s Initiative

YAYA POWER YOGA is an established Yoga &  Wellness company inspired by the authentic practice and teaching philosophy of Baptiste Power Yoga.

An award winning  recipient of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) S.E.E.D Grant Award, YaYa Power Yoga sets out to pioneer the future of online, virtual wellness businesses and can be seen as a featured commercial for “Master Your Life“ series on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).


“(YaYa’s) love for her students are apparent when she’s teaching. She knows exactly how to lead you to where your body needs to go for growth and healing. Her classes are fabulous!

--Mishra Keller, Holistic Health Coach, Nutrisults, Pound Pro, Melt Instructor- Chicago

“ I love Yaya’s powerful Vinyasa yoga class at my gym. I’ll take her class each Wednesday and each time I feel better and stronger than the previous week yoga has changed my life for the better and I feel that yeah yeah has helped me make that happen.”

--Maria Barona, Managing Partner i-Advise Corp, - New York, NY

"Ayana Joseph is the most inspiring and skillful instructor I’ve ever had. She leaves the class with compassion and enthusiasm my class in our studio got lucky the day yeah yeah started leading our classes. She’s graceful challenging and incredibly passionate about yoga and life.

--Kirsten Kemp, Montclair, New Jersey